So, you think you're a make-up junkie? A certified hairdo guru or a nail art addict? Take this test to find out!
Whats up ___________?

Please write down your full name and e-mail address.
How did you hear about us and what position are you applying for?

Let's get to know you a little bit more. What are your favorite beauty/make-up brands? Write down as many as you can!

What's your all time favorite lipstick and why?

How many times a week do you put on make-up?

Do you visit certain websites/youtube channels/facebook accounts/ blogs to learn more about make-up or nail art?

If yes, what are these sites?

Go to this page: Scroll to the bottom and read our staff's individual descriptions of themselves. Then write down yours. Keep it short, sweet and a little quirky!

Which of these photos can be described as "exotic?"

Which of these photos can be described as "everyday?"

Which of these photos can be described as "bridal?"

Review this look in depth & suggest the possible products that were used to create it. In your list, include the name of the specific products you would suggest to use for the look. Also paste a specific link to the product from Amazon, Sephora or a similar site.

Do the same here!

This one, too.

Write a short blurb for this look. The blurb should be no longer than 2 sentences, in tone of voice of our Facebook community, Beauty Addicts ( ).  “Magazine”-style, describing/marketing the look.

This one, too!

Last one!

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